from by Tryl

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Yo, yo, yo
Check it yeah

[Verse 1]
You can find me in my room saying mantra
With a kidnapped bitch I'm holding ransom
Better watch out she smoking ganja
But me I find I can still not fathom
Wait turn this back up this my anthem
I never would have said get back then
If only I'd a known you were with them
My wack ass would'a never said I'm Rapman
I'm in a mansion
With your girl going tandem
This shit is not random- ha
I don't even know what I'm saying
I'm going off the chain call me Tatum
Get it? Channing Tatum? fuck

[Hook 1]
This is for my Homies who skate
My A1 Homies everyday
This is for Homies who ain't got a job
But who getting payed, hey

[Verse 2]
I know a couple drug dealers
And a couple of thugs
A couple gang bangers
Who be selling it up
I know a lot of chumps
Who let the pistol erupt
Shots fired in the air and for what?
I know em'
But you know what they say
It takes 1 to know 1
So hey hey hey
Guess if all else fails
I got ways to get paid
Hey without education huh?
You hear me run
On almost every track yeah
Talk about a hun
On almost every track
I'm just having fun
Before I relapse
Pop a pill a Xanax
In the moment that the track skips a beat
And you realize that I'm back, oh crap

[Hook 2]
This is for my Homies who party
My Homies who be saying shit like gnarley
The Homies who be bringing in the babes
The babes who be looking like Barbie
Yeah let's get real for a minute now
Break it down

[Verse 3]
On one hand
I got poems I wrote you
A couple little raps because I thought that I loved you
I loved you
Harder then my fucking cock gets
When you jerk it and you tell me it's so cool
That you like how I rebel
Going out whenever staying out till you can't tell
What day it is
6 in the morning with you
Got kicked out my house for you
Then how do you repay me
Bitching at me everyday saying you played me
That you never felt it and you hate me like daily
*Reversed* better check herself soon cause I'm crazy
That bitch better step the fuck down yeah just maybe
It's in her best interest to drop dead
I'm past this- fun
Ain't that what you had?
You ain't have fun in a while
You run from your problems
Why not sip it back like some coke with some rum
Yeah I think that I'm done
Go kill yourself bitch and some
You had your Meds today?
Little suicidal with anxiety, fuck
Don't get me wrong I'm not hateful
I'm not a bad guy
Girl I'm just getting equal
You're so manipulative
And you lie like it's your day job
Your night job is sucking off your dad
Or get punched in your damn jaw
Fuck y'all yo I ain't even playing
Look at all this bullshit you created
All the time that you wasted
Sitting there wasted
Not even caring what I'm saying
Like I was sitting there playing
Yeah these rhymes are just flaming
Fuck cut it


from Yellow, released October 7, 2016




Tryl Toronto, Ontario

18 year old rapper from the GTA

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