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[Verse 1]
I woke up one morning and simply said fuck it
My image doesn't matter no more
You can all suck it
I'm tryna be controversial so you can all shove it
Talk about my music and spread it
It's like you're all in love with
"Tryston made a song about-" no fuck it
Not even gonna mention his name
Or you'll all start shit
I'm playing pretty passive lately
I ain't finna argue,
Finna pass it maybe that's the way to pushin daisies
And go crazy just go crazy
Yeah just maybe
I am lazy oh so lazy
The weather here is rainy
I'm fucking sick of these ladies
My girlfriend thinks that I'm crazy
My hands are shaky
My mind is just breaking
Like thanks Katie

[Verse 2]
This dream I'm chasing
These rhymes erasing
Everything a struggle cause you all are faking
My fucking back is aching
From all this work I've done like what's the saying?
That it pays off?
You just playing
I'm just pissed off
No more hating
I'm just ageing on this rap shit
Like its the only way of saving me from Satan
Or this dating with these ladies
Just like Katie
But the thing is I'm just failing
I'm so lazy
Keep on praying
Keep on racing in this line of work
Like I'm invading, hesitating on the daily
But for now there's no mistaking
Asking Clayton where he's waiting
Cause I needed something sacred
Heads up *reversed*

[Verse 3]
If you disagree with me that's cool
Yeah I ain't mad we got our differences I rap
And what do you do? You do bad, so just get faded
I'll stay hated
With these fake friends I'll replay it
And a girlfriend that I play with
On the daily yeah I hate that
It's ok I ain't complaining
It's just to say that pretty lately
I've been acting out like crazy
On a plane is where I wanna be
Going round the world
But instead I'm in this basement
Every day right after school
So I guess that's why I hate shit
Spit regrettable things
I don't fake it
Shit this headache and migraine can't shake it
Getting told to censor music
Makes me wanna blow and use it
Abuse it and lose it
Shit, I went over it on that one
Yeah I got one more thing I got left to say

[Verse 4]
Don't need a therapist to tell me
I'm depressed and suicidal
Nah I think it's kinda obvi
When I sit in silence in denial
Where do I go
Fuck if I know
Gotta practise
Fuck recital
Down a spiral
In a haze of crazy things
It's straight survival
Read the bible
Think I'd call it Trystons bio
I'm Messiah 'bout to face my fucking rival
That's what I know
I am pissed off
Turn the dial to eleven
Check the title this is final
Grab the rifle tall as Eiffel
I am prideful


from Yellow, released October 7, 2016




Tryl Toronto, Ontario

18 year old rapper from the GTA

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