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Yeah, yeah, yeah
That's right
I met you in the club
I never felt that love
Now we out involved
It's like we're in love
Bitch better fill my cup
If I'mma keep dealing with this shit
That you brought up
Then I'mma need to get hammered 'fore I say some stuff
(My mood changes my mood swinging I)

[Verse 1]
I hate you
You hate me
I love you
You love me see?
Why we always gotta do this
It's because of me ain't it B
I'm sorry three months
Passed passed passed by me
Without you next to me
Bitches hitting me up on the daily
Hoes know I know they all crazy
I want you baby not these fakeys
Since you left
I just been smoking up
Oh shit yo I mean blowing up
Rolling up to the club
Homies saying "what's up?"
Not much Homie still fucking nothing uh
"So who you been fucking huh?" nothing raw
Except my rhymes cause I'm a star
Like Charlie Sheen without the HIV
I stay winning
Like what's the deal I mean I'm rich
But that don't mean I'm not sick
When I'm ill spitting on the microphone
Hardly ever coming home
Cause I'm fucking grown
I do this on my fucking own
Constantly up in the night air
Just searching for the right fare
Like maybe found it right there
That's not fair

[Hook] x2
Well I'm stressed
I came through to hook you up
Heard you need a little help could I set you up
Well I'm stressed
Played the game now you know what's up
Got hurt so you lost the trust
Well I'm stressed
Stayed the same when you needed a change must of
Fell off went insane again I wanna
Tell you something I need to say discuss it
My mood changes my mood swinging I'm stressed

[Verse 2]
I apologized
A thousand times
For all my lies
You realize
You don't need me
And now I sit and start to cry
You're driving by
But you don't plan on stopping by
So I guess this is goodbye
While I sit and wonder why
By my side
That's where I want you
But you don't want to be by mine
I told you that I'm sorry but you still cannot decide
If you forgive me, if you hate me
Wish I had have seen the signs
But clearly I'm so blind
I just wanna see the sky
I just wanna up and die
Maybe vanish go and hide
I'm just tryna be polite
But you won't ever let my try
I just wanna love you why
We always gotta fucking fight
This has been my whole damn life
You're just like a some kind of wife
I don't remember signing the contract where I'd lose my mind
I only signed the one that made me lose my soul is that alright
I'm gonna peace quite soon if you don't let me open my eyes
Let me say goodbye

I let my phone die
But that's alright
I ain't been on it all day or all night
I don't have a reason oh my
Have I lost my mind?
Have I lost my mind?
Where is my mind?
I cannot find it
I don't have the time
I just wanna go back
I just wanna rewind
Have I lost my mind?
Have I lost my mind?

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
Cause I'm depressed
From all this stress
I'm a mess nah I'm blessed
Writing rhymes on my desk
Instead of learning what's best
Instead of writing my test
Fucking thinking of Tryst
What he do next
Something from the east
Or something from the west
I just wanna know what's left
What's sess in the projects
Nobody knows best, nobody knows best
My mind is racing like it's vroom vroom NASCAR
My life is changing like it's onto a new chapter
My girl is faking everything like she an actor
I keep putting out these raps but it don't matter
So I'm tryna spit it faster like
Lucky I'm a rapper
Switching up my style cause I been listening to chatter
Saying that I'm sounding sadder
What a disaster, what a disaster
So I'm looking for the answer
Can anybody fucking help me yeah I think I'd fucking rather
Have some help, but all I ever get is laughter
Cause I'm a cracker
Climbing up this ladder
Thinking I'll just ask her
But I'd rather ask a pastor
Yeah I don't know shit
But I do know this
I got bitches
Slobbing on my dick
For breakfast
Like fuck this

[Hook] x2


from Yellow, released October 7, 2016




Tryl Toronto, Ontario

18 year old rapper from the GTA

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