Peer Pressure

from by Tryl

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[Verse 1]
Smoke weed
Follow me
Do the things
Would you rather leave?
Sip some lean
It's all on me
It's all a dream
You feel the need
To walk on by
Well okay bye
You wanna fly?
You wanna die
Come with me
I'll get you there
Don't be scared
You know I care
You know I can't
Deal with your crap
You love my rap
But I thought trap
So I dipped fast
I ain't holding back
Must be drugs
I need your love

[Verse 2]
Never would have thought that I'd fall for a girl like you here I am so
I can take you round back through the backdoor
You can ride with me I drive slow
I can speed it up
Pedal to the floor
Girl don't worry I won't think you're a whore
Oh God no
That's how I roll
That's how I ball
Cause I know who you are
Every single night you be hanging at the bar
Every single night you be fucking in your car
Every single night with your back against the wall
Some nights your in the bathroom
You'll be popping pills soon
You start to cry when you do it's a monsoon
You need help soon

Cause you're heading nowhere fast
Drink another beer or you might not last
Smoke a little weed so you just might laugh
Laugh it all off like it's just the past

[Verse 3]
But that's where you're wrong
You need the strength to move on
Not another bottle to drown in your sorrows
You can see your weak like fuck off
You gotta wake up like come on
Don't be another dumb bitch to cum on
Don't take another pill are you dumb or
Do you just wanna fumble
Are you just asking to die
To reach the sky
Some suicide
Well that's not alright
Just say goodbye
And then say goodnight
And then blame the guy
Who loved you for life


from Yellow, released October 7, 2016




Tryl Toronto, Ontario

18 year old rapper from the GTA

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