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Are you happy right now?
I'm happy right now
If you are sing it loud
If you are break it down
All the perfect people say it proud
Say it loud
Break it down
All the perfect people now let's go like

[Verse 1]
Life is good right now
Never woulda thought I'd be up like wow
Always feeling down
Cause of you somehow
But then you're cool and we chill anyhow
Can we just have a date night
Treat you like a queen
And you know that feel right
Treat me like a king
And you bow like fight night
Mike Tyson's mannequin is lifelike
Yeah it must be the drugs that I'm on right
Tripping over you I'm in love at first sight
And this feel so dreamlike
And I am so high psych
Cause I still can't fly right
But when I'm with you it don't matter
I feel so good and yeah it feels like
It feels like
I might just love

I love you
You love me
It's all good
Just follow me
If you could smile
Would it say
That I'm happy
Never fray
If it does
Then follow me
Yeah follow me
All you follow me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
All the perfect people
All the perfect people
All the perfect people
All the perfect people
Yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
All the perfect people sing it loud
Now break it down now

[Verse 2]
You gotta smile on
You look pretty good
Yeah you do no wrong
Like knocking on wood
Would you please come home
Never been away for so damn long
I just want you
Like Hansel & Gretel want candy
Like I'll never hurt you I'm sorry
Can't handle my self so corny
I see a life with you
If you down with that
Will you be my boo
If not could you be so rude
Be so rude but you want this too
We go together like
Scooby Doo and Blues Clues
Solving clues like nothing new
Bump into a brand new view
I see you like it's your debut
Anyways you so devine
Any day I'd call you mine
Anyways girl what's your sign
Do you have the time you been on my mind
And I know your tired
Of the same old lines
And the same old rhymes
But I love you like
Nobody as cute as you
Nobody on the world would do
As good as you
Cause you are you
Yeah, you are cool
You keep it real and you keep it true
That's the truth
Yeah you rule
Yeah I love you
It's whatever
I'm a fool
You got me feeling like
I might love

Yeah, so I was just thinking, and I was like, damn!
Life is pretty fucking good, you know?
But then it hit me again, and all of that sadness came back, you know..
Back like, back when I was, I was with what's her face..
And then I got real sad again..
And then I got real happy again, and I just kept going back and fourth..
and I don't know it's like im fucking Bi-Polar or some shit..
I don't even know how to describe it to you, it's kinda like...


from Yellow, released October 7, 2016




Tryl Toronto, Ontario

18 year old rapper from the GTA

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