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Tryston had a dream
Tryston had a dream
When I was six I wasn't mean
Tryston had a dream to be happy
I just wanted to be happy

[Verse 1]
I, I know that I can do this
I know I can defeat this demon
Or this monster in me
And I know I got the shit end of the stick
But I got hope in her like she's my saviour
Light a cig, shit
Whatever never mind
I think about her all the time
I couldn't chase her out my mind
She's what I crave she's just a dime
She likes to
Tug on my heart strings
Pretend to kill me
One day I will die
And then she (bitch) wins
I got the addictive gene from my dad
I'm just a dick to things cause I'm mad (fuck you)
I wanna overdose on my girl
Cause she's the only way I stay glad
I can't keep running shit when I'm sad
I can't keep doing this or I'll drag myself down
Down into a hole
I don't know if I'll get out of

I believe I'm dying
I believe in flying
I believe I'll find it
The dream that you provided

[Verse 2]
Another bottle full of pills
Another bottle full of tears
Another bottle all these years
You never struggled but here I am
Never fear
She's always near
I can't get away oh dear
You know I've tried but every time
I take a hit I lose my mind
That's why I need her
Every time I see her she's cold just like an igloo
I forget my problems
But the thing is she's the issue
She's killing me slowly
She don't even know it
She just wants to get me high
I can't continue
Fucking deja-vu

I believe I'm dying
I believe in flying
I believe I'll find it
The dream that you provided

[Verse 3]
I want the sweet release of this pain
I'm sick of playing all of these games
I look for you to heal me from things
But you're the toxic thing in my veins
Yeah you're the pills I crave in my sleep
You're the alcohol in my dreams
Yeah I got problems sipping on lean
Yeah you got problems kinda like me
But we just sit back and believe
Like that's gonna work all in between
All the times we think that it helps
But there she goes just offering hell
I think she likes to see us when down
Not no more I've been all around
I'm not going downtown
With her no more
See I've been found
Slow it down

I believe I'm dying
I believe in flying
I believe I'll find it
The dream that you provided

[Verse 4]
I'm going down
I'm going down
I can't get up
I'm falling down
And I can't see
I'm going blind
Is this the end
I see my friends
They're in my head
It's all a fraud
I can't believe
Nothing's real
I just craved
A bit of fame
I didn't want this
Ease the pain
It's insane
The way my brain
Goes away
And today
I just thought I'd fucking end it
Well hooray
Cause here I am
Laying on the cold hard ground
I just wanna get around
But now I'm just going down
I am just going down


from Yellow, released October 7, 2016




Tryl Toronto, Ontario

18 year old rapper from the GTA

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