by Tryl

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Debut solo album.


released October 7, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Tryl Toronto, Ontario

18 year old rapper from the GTA

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Track Name: Lost
Yo, it's Tryl
Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, check it
Alright here I go

[Verse 1]
I was that kid on the skateboard
Never knew what for
Still can't skate
And I never loved that girl
I can play the guitar
And I can play the keys
I wanna be a rock star
They wanna be like me
I listen to Bizarre, Kendrick Lamar, and Watsky
Just a bit of Jazz, Hard Rock
But hey that's just me
So smoke cigars
In your car
While I'm at the church bizarre
Going far oh yeah,
I also play the bass guitar
Onto Mars
That's where I'm headed
Got my space suit on
What's wrong
I have arisen
I appear nothing different
Take a minute
If you just listen
Then you would hear it
If you'd see it
You'd feel it
Now if you feel it
Then you would know- what I'm seeing
You'd know what I'm feeling
This world is fucked or I'm dreaming
And if I wake up I'm screaming
At the top of my lungs
This is what's wrong
Yeah I'm fucked like a nun
My mind is telling me run
I don't know what I be on

I'm lost
Motherfucker I'm lost
Look at my phone nobody calls
I'm lost
Still in my court but I don't ball
I'm lost
Look at my height yeah I'm tall
I'm lost
Nowhere to turn looking for solace (yeah)
Yeah motherfucker I own this (It's mine)
Shit I wrote this
Fuck it
I'm lost
Check it

[Verse 2]
A wise man once said get lost
Fuck off
Get outta here dog
I'll pay your way to a fortune
I'll pay it at any cost
He wanted me to get lost
And now my brain is all crossed
Cause I've been searching and asking
But I've been stuck in the past and-
All I can think is what an opportunity lost
You know I got balls
And if these walls
Could talk
They'd scream that I'm lost
Yeah motherfucker check it I'm lost (damn)
The world is polluted
My generation is feuding
I don't know what I'll be doing
If I'm not getting sued I'll be suing
Right now I'm pursuing
A dream hoping it comes true and
If not I'll be ruined
Play to a crowd they be booing
Plus my mom disapproving
I always ask she refuses
And then my dad is amusing
Never around he's alluding
Me and my mom always moving
Bad attitude towards schooling
And I'm never included in new things
This shit is confusing
And I'm lost

[Hook] x2

It's Tryl
True and real
I am still
The one with skill
Yellow like a daffodil
Motherfucker I am ill
It's Tryl
Track Name: Wasted
Yo, yo, yo
Check it yeah

[Verse 1]
You can find me in my room saying mantra
With a kidnapped bitch I'm holding ransom
Better watch out she smoking ganja
But me I find I can still not fathom
Wait turn this back up this my anthem
I never would have said get back then
If only I'd a known you were with them
My wack ass would'a never said I'm Rapman
I'm in a mansion
With your girl going tandem
This shit is not random- ha
I don't even know what I'm saying
I'm going off the chain call me Tatum
Get it? Channing Tatum? fuck

[Hook 1]
This is for my Homies who skate
My A1 Homies everyday
This is for Homies who ain't got a job
But who getting payed, hey

[Verse 2]
I know a couple drug dealers
And a couple of thugs
A couple gang bangers
Who be selling it up
I know a lot of chumps
Who let the pistol erupt
Shots fired in the air and for what?
I know em'
But you know what they say
It takes 1 to know 1
So hey hey hey
Guess if all else fails
I got ways to get paid
Hey without education huh?
You hear me run
On almost every track yeah
Talk about a hun
On almost every track
I'm just having fun
Before I relapse
Pop a pill a Xanax
In the moment that the track skips a beat
And you realize that I'm back, oh crap

[Hook 2]
This is for my Homies who party
My Homies who be saying shit like gnarley
The Homies who be bringing in the babes
The babes who be looking like Barbie
Yeah let's get real for a minute now
Break it down

[Verse 3]
On one hand
I got poems I wrote you
A couple little raps because I thought that I loved you
I loved you
Harder then my fucking cock gets
When you jerk it and you tell me it's so cool
That you like how I rebel
Going out whenever staying out till you can't tell
What day it is
6 in the morning with you
Got kicked out my house for you
Then how do you repay me
Bitching at me everyday saying you played me
That you never felt it and you hate me like daily
*Reversed* better check herself soon cause I'm crazy
That bitch better step the fuck down yeah just maybe
It's in her best interest to drop dead
I'm past this- fun
Ain't that what you had?
You ain't have fun in a while
You run from your problems
Why not sip it back like some coke with some rum
Yeah I think that I'm done
Go kill yourself bitch and some
You had your Meds today?
Little suicidal with anxiety, fuck
Don't get me wrong I'm not hateful
I'm not a bad guy
Girl I'm just getting equal
You're so manipulative
And you lie like it's your day job
Your night job is sucking off your dad
Or get punched in your damn jaw
Fuck y'all yo I ain't even playing
Look at all this bullshit you created
All the time that you wasted
Sitting there wasted
Not even caring what I'm saying
Like I was sitting there playing
Yeah these rhymes are just flaming
Fuck cut it
Track Name: Love
Are you happy right now?
I'm happy right now
If you are sing it loud
If you are break it down
All the perfect people say it proud
Say it loud
Break it down
All the perfect people now let's go like

[Verse 1]
Life is good right now
Never woulda thought I'd be up like wow
Always feeling down
Cause of you somehow
But then you're cool and we chill anyhow
Can we just have a date night
Treat you like a queen
And you know that feel right
Treat me like a king
And you bow like fight night
Mike Tyson's mannequin is lifelike
Yeah it must be the drugs that I'm on right
Tripping over you I'm in love at first sight
And this feel so dreamlike
And I am so high psych
Cause I still can't fly right
But when I'm with you it don't matter
I feel so good and yeah it feels like
It feels like
I might just love

I love you
You love me
It's all good
Just follow me
If you could smile
Would it say
That I'm happy
Never fray
If it does
Then follow me
Yeah follow me
All you follow me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
All the perfect people
All the perfect people
All the perfect people
All the perfect people
Yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
All the perfect people sing it loud
Now break it down now

[Verse 2]
You gotta smile on
You look pretty good
Yeah you do no wrong
Like knocking on wood
Would you please come home
Never been away for so damn long
I just want you
Like Hansel & Gretel want candy
Like I'll never hurt you I'm sorry
Can't handle my self so corny
I see a life with you
If you down with that
Will you be my boo
If not could you be so rude
Be so rude but you want this too
We go together like
Scooby Doo and Blues Clues
Solving clues like nothing new
Bump into a brand new view
I see you like it's your debut
Anyways you so devine
Any day I'd call you mine
Anyways girl what's your sign
Do you have the time you been on my mind
And I know your tired
Of the same old lines
And the same old rhymes
But I love you like
Nobody as cute as you
Nobody on the world would do
As good as you
Cause you are you
Yeah, you are cool
You keep it real and you keep it true
That's the truth
Yeah you rule
Yeah I love you
It's whatever
I'm a fool
You got me feeling like
I might love

Yeah, so I was just thinking, and I was like, damn!
Life is pretty fucking good, you know?
But then it hit me again, and all of that sadness came back, you know..
Back like, back when I was, I was with what's her face..
And then I got real sad again..
And then I got real happy again, and I just kept going back and fourth..
and I don't know it's like im fucking Bi-Polar or some shit..
I don't even know how to describe it to you, it's kinda like...
Track Name: Stressed
Yeah, yeah, yeah
That's right
I met you in the club
I never felt that love
Now we out involved
It's like we're in love
Bitch better fill my cup
If I'mma keep dealing with this shit
That you brought up
Then I'mma need to get hammered 'fore I say some stuff
(My mood changes my mood swinging I)

[Verse 1]
I hate you
You hate me
I love you
You love me see?
Why we always gotta do this
It's because of me ain't it B
I'm sorry three months
Passed passed passed by me
Without you next to me
Bitches hitting me up on the daily
Hoes know I know they all crazy
I want you baby not these fakeys
Since you left
I just been smoking up
Oh shit yo I mean blowing up
Rolling up to the club
Homies saying "what's up?"
Not much Homie still fucking nothing uh
"So who you been fucking huh?" nothing raw
Except my rhymes cause I'm a star
Like Charlie Sheen without the HIV
I stay winning
Like what's the deal I mean I'm rich
But that don't mean I'm not sick
When I'm ill spitting on the microphone
Hardly ever coming home
Cause I'm fucking grown
I do this on my fucking own
Constantly up in the night air
Just searching for the right fare
Like maybe found it right there
That's not fair

[Hook] x2
Well I'm stressed
I came through to hook you up
Heard you need a little help could I set you up
Well I'm stressed
Played the game now you know what's up
Got hurt so you lost the trust
Well I'm stressed
Stayed the same when you needed a change must of
Fell off went insane again I wanna
Tell you something I need to say discuss it
My mood changes my mood swinging I'm stressed

[Verse 2]
I apologized
A thousand times
For all my lies
You realize
You don't need me
And now I sit and start to cry
You're driving by
But you don't plan on stopping by
So I guess this is goodbye
While I sit and wonder why
By my side
That's where I want you
But you don't want to be by mine
I told you that I'm sorry but you still cannot decide
If you forgive me, if you hate me
Wish I had have seen the signs
But clearly I'm so blind
I just wanna see the sky
I just wanna up and die
Maybe vanish go and hide
I'm just tryna be polite
But you won't ever let my try
I just wanna love you why
We always gotta fucking fight
This has been my whole damn life
You're just like a some kind of wife
I don't remember signing the contract where I'd lose my mind
I only signed the one that made me lose my soul is that alright
I'm gonna peace quite soon if you don't let me open my eyes
Let me say goodbye

I let my phone die
But that's alright
I ain't been on it all day or all night
I don't have a reason oh my
Have I lost my mind?
Have I lost my mind?
Where is my mind?
I cannot find it
I don't have the time
I just wanna go back
I just wanna rewind
Have I lost my mind?
Have I lost my mind?

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
Cause I'm depressed
From all this stress
I'm a mess nah I'm blessed
Writing rhymes on my desk
Instead of learning what's best
Instead of writing my test
Fucking thinking of Tryst
What he do next
Something from the east
Or something from the west
I just wanna know what's left
What's sess in the projects
Nobody knows best, nobody knows best
My mind is racing like it's vroom vroom NASCAR
My life is changing like it's onto a new chapter
My girl is faking everything like she an actor
I keep putting out these raps but it don't matter
So I'm tryna spit it faster like
Lucky I'm a rapper
Switching up my style cause I been listening to chatter
Saying that I'm sounding sadder
What a disaster, what a disaster
So I'm looking for the answer
Can anybody fucking help me yeah I think I'd fucking rather
Have some help, but all I ever get is laughter
Cause I'm a cracker
Climbing up this ladder
Thinking I'll just ask her
But I'd rather ask a pastor
Yeah I don't know shit
But I do know this
I got bitches
Slobbing on my dick
For breakfast
Like fuck this

[Hook] x2
Track Name: Venting
[Verse 1]
I woke up one morning and simply said fuck it
My image doesn't matter no more
You can all suck it
I'm tryna be controversial so you can all shove it
Talk about my music and spread it
It's like you're all in love with
"Tryston made a song about-" no fuck it
Not even gonna mention his name
Or you'll all start shit
I'm playing pretty passive lately
I ain't finna argue,
Finna pass it maybe that's the way to pushin daisies
And go crazy just go crazy
Yeah just maybe
I am lazy oh so lazy
The weather here is rainy
I'm fucking sick of these ladies
My girlfriend thinks that I'm crazy
My hands are shaky
My mind is just breaking
Like thanks Katie

[Verse 2]
This dream I'm chasing
These rhymes erasing
Everything a struggle cause you all are faking
My fucking back is aching
From all this work I've done like what's the saying?
That it pays off?
You just playing
I'm just pissed off
No more hating
I'm just ageing on this rap shit
Like its the only way of saving me from Satan
Or this dating with these ladies
Just like Katie
But the thing is I'm just failing
I'm so lazy
Keep on praying
Keep on racing in this line of work
Like I'm invading, hesitating on the daily
But for now there's no mistaking
Asking Clayton where he's waiting
Cause I needed something sacred
Heads up *reversed*

[Verse 3]
If you disagree with me that's cool
Yeah I ain't mad we got our differences I rap
And what do you do? You do bad, so just get faded
I'll stay hated
With these fake friends I'll replay it
And a girlfriend that I play with
On the daily yeah I hate that
It's ok I ain't complaining
It's just to say that pretty lately
I've been acting out like crazy
On a plane is where I wanna be
Going round the world
But instead I'm in this basement
Every day right after school
So I guess that's why I hate shit
Spit regrettable things
I don't fake it
Shit this headache and migraine can't shake it
Getting told to censor music
Makes me wanna blow and use it
Abuse it and lose it
Shit, I went over it on that one
Yeah I got one more thing I got left to say

[Verse 4]
Don't need a therapist to tell me
I'm depressed and suicidal
Nah I think it's kinda obvi
When I sit in silence in denial
Where do I go
Fuck if I know
Gotta practise
Fuck recital
Down a spiral
In a haze of crazy things
It's straight survival
Read the bible
Think I'd call it Trystons bio
I'm Messiah 'bout to face my fucking rival
That's what I know
I am pissed off
Turn the dial to eleven
Check the title this is final
Grab the rifle tall as Eiffel
I am prideful
Track Name: Peer Pressure
[Verse 1]
Smoke weed
Follow me
Do the things
Would you rather leave?
Sip some lean
It's all on me
It's all a dream
You feel the need
To walk on by
Well okay bye
You wanna fly?
You wanna die
Come with me
I'll get you there
Don't be scared
You know I care
You know I can't
Deal with your crap
You love my rap
But I thought trap
So I dipped fast
I ain't holding back
Must be drugs
I need your love

[Verse 2]
Never would have thought that I'd fall for a girl like you here I am so
I can take you round back through the backdoor
You can ride with me I drive slow
I can speed it up
Pedal to the floor
Girl don't worry I won't think you're a whore
Oh God no
That's how I roll
That's how I ball
Cause I know who you are
Every single night you be hanging at the bar
Every single night you be fucking in your car
Every single night with your back against the wall
Some nights your in the bathroom
You'll be popping pills soon
You start to cry when you do it's a monsoon
You need help soon

Cause you're heading nowhere fast
Drink another beer or you might not last
Smoke a little weed so you just might laugh
Laugh it all off like it's just the past

[Verse 3]
But that's where you're wrong
You need the strength to move on
Not another bottle to drown in your sorrows
You can see your weak like fuck off
You gotta wake up like come on
Don't be another dumb bitch to cum on
Don't take another pill are you dumb or
Do you just wanna fumble
Are you just asking to die
To reach the sky
Some suicide
Well that's not alright
Just say goodbye
And then say goodnight
And then blame the guy
Who loved you for life
Track Name: Stardust
Yeah, yeah
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
It's time for me to go

[Verse 1]
You fought with me
I stormed out
A deleted scene
I fucked up large
Heat of the moment girl
And then you lost
I walked in and I saw you on the floor
Fucking bleeding out and I didn't even know
What I was doing so I'm sorry
But it was time for me to go
I didn't know
I'd kill you up in your home oh no
I hear police in the distance
I swear that I can fix this
So I'm saying baby listen
All I ask is your forgiveness
Will you give it
Yeah I doubt it but I wish this
Never happened, never existed
And maybe I'd be happy
And maybe I'd a beat this
Depression that I'm under
Stress a little longer
Cause I saw her and I loved her
But no longer

[Hook] x2
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I've been a fool

[Verse 2]
But now I cannot hold her
And now I'm getting older
And shit is getting colder
The days are getting longer
It's like a boulders on my shoulders
Weighing me down
And I can't get up
Because it's been there
And it's playing me now
It's like I'm going to town
The way you playing that sound
I know now, I'm bad now
I hope you know that I cared
And it's okay to be scared
You'll be alright yeah I swear
You'll be alright cause that's fair
And I'll just play with your hair
Pretend that everything's there
Close your eyes girl in prayer
But days are flying past us
You're drifting further everyday
And soon you'll be star dust
You'll be gone huh
I already miss you
Don't know how much longer I can continue uh

[Hook] x2
Track Name: Believe
Tryston had a dream
Tryston had a dream
When I was six I wasn't mean
Tryston had a dream to be happy
I just wanted to be happy

[Verse 1]
I, I know that I can do this
I know I can defeat this demon
Or this monster in me
And I know I got the shit end of the stick
But I got hope in her like she's my saviour
Light a cig, shit
Whatever never mind
I think about her all the time
I couldn't chase her out my mind
She's what I crave she's just a dime
She likes to
Tug on my heart strings
Pretend to kill me
One day I will die
And then she (bitch) wins
I got the addictive gene from my dad
I'm just a dick to things cause I'm mad (fuck you)
I wanna overdose on my girl
Cause she's the only way I stay glad
I can't keep running shit when I'm sad
I can't keep doing this or I'll drag myself down
Down into a hole
I don't know if I'll get out of

I believe I'm dying
I believe in flying
I believe I'll find it
The dream that you provided

[Verse 2]
Another bottle full of pills
Another bottle full of tears
Another bottle all these years
You never struggled but here I am
Never fear
She's always near
I can't get away oh dear
You know I've tried but every time
I take a hit I lose my mind
That's why I need her
Every time I see her she's cold just like an igloo
I forget my problems
But the thing is she's the issue
She's killing me slowly
She don't even know it
She just wants to get me high
I can't continue
Fucking deja-vu

I believe I'm dying
I believe in flying
I believe I'll find it
The dream that you provided

[Verse 3]
I want the sweet release of this pain
I'm sick of playing all of these games
I look for you to heal me from things
But you're the toxic thing in my veins
Yeah you're the pills I crave in my sleep
You're the alcohol in my dreams
Yeah I got problems sipping on lean
Yeah you got problems kinda like me
But we just sit back and believe
Like that's gonna work all in between
All the times we think that it helps
But there she goes just offering hell
I think she likes to see us when down
Not no more I've been all around
I'm not going downtown
With her no more
See I've been found
Slow it down

I believe I'm dying
I believe in flying
I believe I'll find it
The dream that you provided

[Verse 4]
I'm going down
I'm going down
I can't get up
I'm falling down
And I can't see
I'm going blind
Is this the end
I see my friends
They're in my head
It's all a fraud
I can't believe
Nothing's real
I just craved
A bit of fame
I didn't want this
Ease the pain
It's insane
The way my brain
Goes away
And today
I just thought I'd fucking end it
Well hooray
Cause here I am
Laying on the cold hard ground
I just wanna get around
But now I'm just going down
I am just going down